My Polaroid Cameras   Filmtypes used in this Project  

Inspired by several Polaroid Projects on
the internet (The Impossible Project, Poladroid, Polaroid Passion and Polanoid)
and the Taschen Polaroid book I decided to start a Polaroid Project of my own.

In this project, two different types of Polaroid photographs are shown;

Polaroid photographs made with Polaroid Land Cameras (THE REAL THING!) and Digital photographs made with a Canon EOS 5D mark I or II edited/converted by Poladroid.

Original Polaroid film, the Impossible Project film and Fujifilm FP100c is used in this project.

» Instant Forever! «
Original Polaroid Filmtypes   Impossible Filmtypes  

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Digital Polaroids (edited with Poladroid)